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Google Adsense

Our site has ads called “Google Adsense”, it’s streamed by third party’s delivery company and Advertisement Net work.

It means, third party’s delivery company such as Google use Cookie, and then, ads are streamed by based on websites information that our readers accessed in the past.

Because of this system, Google and third party’s delivery company can advertise to our readers adequately.

Also, our readers can make personalized ads invalid by setting ads. If you would like to make it invalid, please access to www.aboutads.info, therefore, you can make cookie to use personalized ads invalid.

Google Analytics.

Our site use “Google Analytics” to analyze access, and then, our site use cookie for collecting data. If you would like to know about this system, please check “ when users use Google partner’s websites or apps, it’s about using data by google”.

Amazon Associate.

Our site is Amazon Associate Program’s participant who can get referral fee by introducing and link to Amazon.co.jp.

Also, there are possibilities that third party may share contents and advertisement, and then, collect information from readers directly and make readers’s browsers setting cookie authentication.