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You should go to these nice spots for sightseeing in Otaru even if you don’t have much time!

It just takes about 30~40 minutes from Sapporo to Otaru by train.

You can come here easily, so I introduce to you about so pretty nice spots for sightseeing even if you don’t have much time.

Otaru Canal

In 1986, a part of the canal was changed for sightseeing, and then it became a popular spot for sightseeing. That is Otaru Canal(小樽運河)

You can see the central bridge(中央橋) after you walked on the central street(中央通)running straight to the ocean from The Otaru Station. And then there is the canal, south side of the bridge is the main spot for sightseeing.

After you walk from the Central Bridge(中央橋) to North about 500meters, you can see the area that it remains width of the canal at that time. You can go there on foot, but it’s available to get on rickshaw.

I indicated the spot of the Otaru Canal(小樽運河) in the following map.

You can confirm around the spot by enlarging or moving

You can eat ramen, sushi, bowl with fresh seafood and the seafood cafeteria for your lunch by good price around the Otaru Canal(小樽運河) if you are curious about it, please check it by a following article.

I wanna introduce so nice JAPANESE FOODS such as SUSHI, RAMEN, RICE BOWL with FRESH FISH for your lunch time!

You can enjoy visiting the Otaru Canal. Because depending on seasons or daytime or night, atmosphere changes attractively. So that’s why I recommend you so much.

Please check up about the Canal on night and cruise by a following article.

The spot for seeing the extravagant night view in Otaru and spots you can enjoy on night

Rouman Kan(浪漫館)

Rouman Kan is south from the Central Bridge(中央橋) on the Canal, you can go to Rouman Kan by walking a little.

There are Taisho Garasu (大正硝子), Taisho Garasu Tombo Dama (大正硝子とんぼ玉) being famous for glass near the Rouman Kan. Rouman Kan is different from those shops, because Rouman Kan sells a lot of necklaces and bracelets made from stones such as amethyst.

Of course, there are glasses and so cutie character goods, so I recommend you that you will visit and watch cutie goods inside the shop.

There are pigs put apples or chicks on their heads, and some of pigs are bathing in a hot spring and other pigs are eating ramen. All of them are made from glass.

Also there are もちつきうさぎ(a rabbit make mochi), うさビール(rabbit beer)and collections of cat, dog, other kind of animals and Kappa(Japanese green monster). So it makes you feeling fun. Please visit here.

A picture and a title on a price tag is also cutieee!

I indicated the spot of Rouman Kan(浪漫館) on the following map.

Candle Koubou(キャンドル工房)

There are various kind of candles at the Candle Koubou. Anything is an artistic. There are ton of candles with beautiful color and gradation. It’s one of my recommendation to visit.

This shop is next to Candle Koubou(キャンドル工房)

The above picture is a candle inside a bottle made from glass. A candle’s light is like very soft and illusion, so it makes relaxing.

The above picture is also a candle like in the first picture, but it’s different from the first one. There are double glasses and an inside glass has picture. So an inside glass’s picture reflect to an outside glass. It’s also beautiful.

The above picture is a candle. It’s very colorful and it looks like there are a lot of fruits on an ice plate.

There are other so many kind candles, for example, to enjoy floating a candle on water, colorful candles and etc. Also there is an activity to try making candle. So please visit Candle Koubou(キャンドル工房) too.

Taishou glass• tonbo dama (大正硝子とんぼ玉)

Taisho Garasu(大正硝子) is near Rouman Kan(浪漫館) and Candle Koubou (キャンドル工房), and then there are various kind of glasses is sold.

It’s different from Rouman Kan(浪漫館) and Candle Koubou (キャンドル工房), it’s banned to take a picture inside the shop. So I can’t introduce about inside the shop by pictures. I’m sorry for it very much. However, it was so amazing! Even if the goods inside the shop are displayed at a museum, it’s not strange at all and their qualities are so high, so please visit Taisho Garasu too.

The above picture is the back door of Taisho Garasu(大正硝子) and there is a shop for selling a Tonbo Dama(とんぼ玉) in front of the back door. So please go and see it when you come here.


You can enjoy Otaru very well even it’s one day trip from Sapporo City.

Please enjoy spending so nice time for sightseeing in Otaru with foodie that you only can eat and spots.